Crown Removal of Encomiendas 9-22&9-24

Crown Removal of Encomiendas 9-22&9-24 - Crown...

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Crown Removal of Encomiendas Thursday, September 17, 2009 11:03 Reining in encomenderos New laws (1542-43) Granting individuals the right to leave encomiendas to their heirs-for the right price How will the crown resolve the problems with the encomiendas o Can not do away with it because taking control back causes another problem of where to put the control Royal dilemmas o How to Christianize native Americans effectively? o How to redirect American wealth toward the royal treasury? Second Goal: Urgent for Spanish o Spain's 16th century Hapsburg rulers o What are monarchs about at this time: First global empire (settling) Ruled by 16th century Hapsburg monarchs Two of them: Charles V and Phillip II Charles V, king of Spain 1516-1556 o Also the holy roman emperor o During a split in the roman catholic church o Defense of Charles V version of Christianity: extremely expensive Costly wars Spanish army became well known Admired and feared Phillip II, king of Spain 1556- 1598 *GOLDEN AGE SPAIN* Spain's Empire during the Golden Age Time when: a. Spain military (most potent of its day) b. Huge/ growing debt c. 1st Global empire d. administration problems (labor force) **Mid to late 1800s when treasure is found **Andes Mountains: treasure (silver abundance) **Stern - silver mine extraction o Remain king for decades, until end of century o In charge of globe encircling empire (sun never sets) Exercising settlement and control Mid 1500's claimed a large chunk of Italy (Naples), Netherlands, South
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Crown Removal of Encomiendas 9-22&9-24 - Crown...

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