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Geol 101, Sect. 01 4/28/10 Lecture 3- Earth Materials I. Minerals A. Chemistry 1. Atomic Structure a. Each atom… b. Mass of particles c. Atomic # d. Atomic mass 2. Reactions a. Ions b. Neutral charge c. Three types of bonds 1) Ionic 2) Covalent 3) Metallic 4) Combinations 3. Crystallization a. Nucleation b. Precipitation c. Why crystallize d. Chemical formula II. Rock forming minerals A. Silicates B. Carbonates C. Oxides
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Unformatted text preview: D. Sulfides E. Sulfates III. IV. Mineral properties A. Hardness B. Crystal habit C. Cleavage D. Fracture E. Luster F. Color G. Specific gravity H. Other V. Rocks A. Three types 1. Igneous a. Intrusive b. Extrusive 2. Sedimentary a. Clastic b. Chemical 3. Metamorphic a. Regional b. Contact 4. Common rock forming minerals VI. The rock cycle...
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