A New Jersey Scool District Not Only Has A dress code, but uys the uniforms

A New Jersey Scool District Not Only Has A dress code, but uys the uniforms

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In the September 4 th issue of the New York Times, the article: “A New Jersey School District Not Only Has a Dress Code, but Buys the Uniforms” discusses the school districts decision to establish a uniform in the Elizabeth schools as well as pay for the first set of uniforms going to underprivileged families. The 400 million dollars spent apparently came from a “non-academic” budget. Where did this budget come from, and why doesn’t every school buy and distribute uniforms with this apparently vast and unused budget? Secondly, if children “know someone values them” when you put money their “person” then why
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Unformatted text preview: are underprivileged students of New Jersey the only ones being valued and getting benefits. Privileged students deserve to feel worthy enough to get uniforms too. They should not be left out just because their families can afford uniforms. Are they less valuable because their parents have more money than immigrant families who speak limited English? Although I agree that uniforms, or “the new school supplies,” are positive and aim towards better learning, I think that we should think about whom we are investing in, whom we are excluding and whether the “why” is justifiable....
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