Relationships - Relationships! Interpersonal Attraction...

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Unformatted text preview: Relationships! Interpersonal Attraction Friendship, Romance, Liking and Love Laws of Attraction Attraction can be influenced by a number of sources The situation The individuals attributes Personality Appearance The individuals behavior Westgate West Festinger, Schacter, & Back, 1950 The Girl Next Door Propinquity effect People are likely to be attracted to those who they see and interact with frequently Mere exposure effect Liking for a stimulus increases with exposure to it Secrecy The commonest thing is delightful if only one hides it. Oscar Wilde Wegner, Lane & Dimitri, 1994 Personal Ads Personal Ads Someone Like You Liking is driven by similarity Birds of a feather, NOT opposites attract Why? We assume similar people will like us Similar people validate our beliefs We assume people who disagree with us are stupid or malicious ( nave realism ) Reciprocal liking we like those who we believe like us Pretty Woman For both men and women, physical attractiveness predicts liking Standards for an attractive face are similar across cultures What features identify an attractive female face? An attractive male face? GoldenEye Female face Large eyes Small nose Small chin Prominent cheekbones Narrow cheeks High eyebrows Big smile Male face Large eyes Prominent cheekbones Large chin Big smile Average Joe The average of a group of faces is rated more attractive than each individual face Why? Familiarity!...
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Relationships - Relationships! Interpersonal Attraction...

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