Writing a proper yellow card

Writing a proper Yellow Card
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Unformatted text preview: Writing a proper Yellow card By 2LT Jacob Fry The Basics A yellow card is your tool of communication with your grader. It details all of your actions during a leadership rotation. It must be written in a specific format and with great detail. STAR- TAR Format Format used for writing Yellow cards: Situation Task Action Result STAR-TAR cont. Situation (S) appears only once at the beginning of your yellow card. Ex: S: Served as garrison squad leader (SL) for 2 nd Sqd from 221800Jun09- 231800Jun09 during BRM training. STAR-TAR cont. Task (T) appears multiple times in a yellow card and lists a duty that the leader fulfilled. Ex: T:Prepare squad for the days BRM training. STAR-TAR cont. Action (A) appears many times in a yellow card. It describes the method in which the leader accomplished his task. Ex: A: woke up team leaders (TLs) and had them ensure their team members were awake. STAR-TAR cont. Each task requires more than one action. The actions are listed individually after the task. T: A: A: A: STAR-TAR cont....
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