Alternative graphics port isa 4 which of these

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Unformatted text preview: cribes the hexadecimal numbering system? A. It is a binary numbering system that uses only two digits, a zero and a one. B. It is another name for the decimal numbering system with ten digits, zero through nine. C. It is an eight-digit numbering system, using letters A through H. D. It is a sixteen-digit numbering system representing binary values, using the characters zero through nine and A–F. 3. AGP stands for ______________ and is an expansion of the _____________ bus. A. Accelerated Graphics Port, PCI B. Alternative Graphics Port, PCI C. Accelerated Graphics Port, ISA D. Alternative Graphics Port, ISA 4. Which of these devices is likely to still use DMA? A. USB flash drive B. Floppy drive C. Hard drive D. CD-ROM drive 5. What does a red “X” next to a device in the Device Manager indicate? A. A compatible driver has been installed that may not provide all of the functions for the device. B. The device is missing or Windows cannot recognize it. C. The system resources have been assigned manually. D. The device has been disabled because it is damaged or has a system resource conflict. 6. When installing an expansion card, which of these should you do? A. Make sure the computer is plugged in to the AC wall outlet. B. Hold the card only by its slot connectors. ch08.indd 324 12/14/09 2:49:40 PM All-In-One / CompTIA Network+ All-in-One Exam Guide / Meyers & Jernigan / 170133-8 / Chapter 8 All-In-One Chapter 8: Expansion Bus 325 C. Use firm but not excessive force to snap the card into the slot. D. Avoid letting the metal flange touch the PC case. 7. How does the CPU communicate with a device? A. It uses the device’s I/O addresses over the address bus. B. It uses the device’s IRQ addresses over the data bus. C. It uses the device’s COM port over the address bus. D. It uses the device’s DMA over the data bus. 8. Which of the following does a device use to initiate communication with the CPU? A. IO/MEM wire B. Bus mastering C. DMA D. IRQ 9. Which variation of the PCI bus was specifically designed for laptops? A. PCI-X B. PCIe C. Mini-PCI D. AGP 10. Which of the following bus types uses serial rather than parallel communication? A. AGP B. PCI C. PCIe D. PCI-X Answers 1. B. A separate expansion bus crystal enables the expansion bus to run at a different speed than the frontside bus. 2. D. The hexadecimal numbering system represents binary values using the characters zero through nine and A–F. 3. A. The Accelerated Graphics Port is a specialized PCI slot used for video cards. 4. B. On most modern PCs, only the floppy drive (if one is installed) still uses classic DMA. 5. B. The dreaded red “X” can mean a bad connection, a bad driver, or even a bad card. ch08.indd 325 12/14/09 2:49:40 PM All-In-One / CompTIA Network+ All-in-One Exam Guide / Meyers & Jernigan / 170133-8 / Chapter 8 CompTIA A+Certification All-in-One Exam Guide 326 6. C. After handling the card only by the edges and avoiding the slot connectors, you should snap it into an open slot on an unplugged system, pushing firmly and evenly until the metal flange is in contact with the slot on the case. 7. A. The CPU uses the device’s I/O addresses over the address bus to communicate with that device. 8. D. A device uses its IRQ to get the CPU’s attention and begin communication. 9. C. The Mini-PCI format conserves space and power, making it an ideal card type for use in laptops. 10. C. The PCI Express bus uses serial rather than parallel communication. ch08.indd 326 12/14/09 2:49:41 PM...
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