Step 4 verify as a last step in the installation

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Unformatted text preview: f their PC components, much as auto enthusiasts tinker with engine tunings to get a little extra horsepower out of their engines. Expansion card manufacturers love enthusiasts, who often act as free testers for their unpolished drivers, known as beta drivers. Beta drivers are fine for the most part, but they can sometimes cause amazing system instability—never a good thing! If you use beta drivers, make sure you know how to uninstall or roll back to previous drivers. Step 4: Verify As a last step in the installation process, inspect the results of the installation and verify that the device works properly. Immediately after installing, you should open the Device Manager and verify that Windows sees the device (Figure 8-36). Assuming that the Device Manager shows the device working properly, your next check is to put the device to work by making it do whatever it is supposed to do. If you installed a printer, print something; if you installed a scanner, scan something. If it works, you’re finished! ch08.indd 320 12/14/09 2:49:39 PM All-In-One / CompTIA Network+ All-in-One Exam Guide / Meyers & Jernigan / 170133-8 / Chapter 8 All-In-One Chapter 8: Expansion Bus 321 Figure 8-36 Device Manager shows the device working properly. Practical Application Troubleshooting Expansion Cards A properly installed expansion card rarely makes trouble; it’s the botched installations that produce headaches. Chances are high that you’ll have to troubleshoot an expansion card installation at some point, usually from an installation you botched personally. The first sign of an improperly installed card usually shows up the moment you first try to get that card to do whatever it’s supposed to do and it doesn’t do it. When this happens, your primary troubleshooting process is a reinstallationafter checking in with the Device Manager. Other chapters in this book cover specific hardware troubleshooting: sound cards in Chapter 20, “Multimedia,” for example, and video cards in Chapter 19, “Video.” Use this section to help y...
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