This puts you the card and the pc at the same

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Unformatted text preview: If you don’t have a wrist strap, you can use the tech way of avoiding ESD by touching the power supply after you remove the expansion ch08.indd 312 12/14/09 2:49:36 PM All-In-One / CompTIA Network+ All-in-One Exam Guide / Meyers & Jernigan / 170133-8 / Chapter 8 All-In-One Chapter 8: Expansion Bus 313 Figure 8-27 Where to handle a card card from its anti-static bag. This puts you, the card, and the PC at the same electrical potential and thus minimizes the risk of ESD. Modern systems have a trickle of voltage on the motherboard at all times when the computer is plugged into a power outlet. Chapter 10, “Power Supplies,” covers power for the PC and how to deal with it in detail, but here’s the short version: Always unplug the PC before inserting an expansion card! Failure to do so can destroy the card, the motherboard, or both. It’s not worth the risk. Never insert or remove a card at an extreme angle. This may damage the card. A slight angle is acceptable and even necessary when removing a card. Always screw the card to the case with a connection screw. This keeps the card from slipping out and potentially shorting against other cards. Also, many cards use the screw connection to ground the card to the case (Figure 8-28). Figure 8-28 Always screw down all cards. ch08.indd 313 12/14/09 2:49:37 PM All-In-One / CompTIA Network+ All-in-One Exam Guide / Meyers & Jernigan / 170133-8 / Chapter 8 CompTIA A+Certification All-in-One Exam Guide 314 Many technicians have been told to clean the slot connectors if a particular card is not working. This is almost never necessary after a card is installed, and if done improperly, can cause damage. You should clean slot connectors only if you have a card that’s been on the shelf for a while and the contacts are obviously dull. Never use a pencil eraser for this purpose. Pencil erasers can leave behind bits of residue that wedge between the card and slot, preventing contact and causing the card to fail. Grab a can of contact cleaning solution and use it instead. Contac...
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