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Unformatted text preview: gs up a scary-looking screen (Figure 8-33) that says you’re about to install an unsigned driver. The fact that a company refuses to use the Windows Logo Program doesn’t mean its drivers are bad—it simply means they haven’t gone through Microsoft’s exhaustive quality-assurance certification procedure. If I run into this, I usually check the driver’s version to make sure I’m not installing something outdated, and then I just take my ch08.indd 316 12/14/09 2:49:38 PM All-In-One / CompTIA Network+ All-in-One Exam Guide / Meyers & Jernigan / 170133-8 / Chapter 8 All-In-One Chapter 8: Expansion Bus 317 Figure 8-31 Uninstalling a device chances and install it. (I’ve yet to encounter a problem with an unsigned driver that I haven’t also seen with Designed for Windows drivers.) With Windows Vista 64-bit, Microsoft tightened the rules to try to provide the most stable platform possible. You simply cannot install unsigned drivers. Microsoft must approve each one. Installing the New Driver You have two ways to install a new driver: by using the installation CD directly or by using the Add Hardware Wizard in the Control Panel. Most experienced techs prefer to run from the installation CD. Most devices come with extra programs. My motherboard comes with a number of handy applications for monitoring temperature and overclocking. The Add Hardware Wizard does not install anything but the drivers. Granted, some techs find this a blessing because they don’t want all of the extra junk that sometimes ch08.indd 317 12/14/09 2:49:38 PM All-In-One / CompTIA Network+ All-in-One Exam Guide / Meyers & Jernigan / 170133-8 / Chapter 8 CompTIA A+Certification All-in-One Exam Guide 318 Figure 8-32 The Change/Remove option in Add or Remove Programs Figure 8-33 Unsigned driver warning comes with a device, but most installation discs give clear options so you can pick and choose what you want to install (Figure 8-34). The other reason to use installation CDs instead of the Add Hardware Wizard stems from the fact that many expansion cards are actually many devices in one, and...
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