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COMMERCE CLAUSE SUMMARY CHART Case Summary Regulation? Test Gibbons v. Ogden (1824) Congress passes law allowing N/A. This is really Effects Gibbons to operate a ferry, but dormant commerce Does this effect other NY has given Ogden a monopoly. clause, invalidating NY states’ commerce Court declares the monopoly monopoly law. (thus allowing for unconstitutional and says that regulation of intra- Gibbons right to operate ferry. state commerce )? United States v. E.C. Knight (1895) United States invoked the Sherman Not OK (manufacturing) Direct/ Indirect Act to set aside sugar company acqui- Substantial/ Insignificant sition of sugar refineries. Court says Commerce/ Manufacturing this is not covered by Sherman Act because it is only manufacturing. Coronado Coal Co. v. Court upheld application of the Sherman OK (striking miners intended Direct /Indirect United Mine Workers (1925) Act to a strike against mine operators, to interfere with commerce) calling it a local act, but one that intended direct interference with commerce. The Interstate Commerce Commission set OK (intrastate railroad rates Direct /Indirect v. United States (1914) a maximum rate applying equally to ship- have effect on interstate rates) ments from Dallas or Marshall to Shreveport. Court ruled that regulation between Dallas and Marshall was permissible. Congress can regulate intrastate commerce where there is an inseparable relationship between intrastate and interstate commerce. Stafford v. Wallace
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