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Crowder 1 Erin Crowder Professor Behling English 102, Section 131 5 March 2008 Analysis of Imperiled Men What is the text’s message? In Andre Dubus’ essay, Imperiled Men, the text’s message is very vague throughout, until the very end where it clearly reveals itself to the reader. The message is simple and to the point, unlike the style of the essay, which avoids directly addressing the issue. The issu is homosexuality and the message is that it should not matter to the military. This is explicitly shown through a passage from the very end of the essay that reads, “We all knew. We didn’t care. We would have followed him into hell” (133). This excerpt of the text clearly states the author’s message through concise sentences that reach the heart of the essay. Through the simple syntax, the author becomes extremely straightforward with his view about homosexuality in the military; people should not care about other’s sexual preferences, and it does not affect their performance within the military. In fact, the text goes as far as to say the military’s actions regarding CAG’s homosexuality was detrimental to the military. A pilot under CAG’s command tells, “The morale is very bad now. The whole group. It’s just shot” (133). By incorporating this passage, the author expands the message that homosexuality should not matter to the military to also be that punishing a man for his homosexuality punishes the rest of the military by hurting the other men’s “morale.”
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Crowder 2 Who is the intended audience? This question was very difficult for me to answer.
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analysis of imperiled men - Crowder 1 Erin Crowder...

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