Freedom of Speech Analysis

Freedom of Speech Analysis - 1. False/misleading...

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Freedom of Speech Analysis 1. First Amendment Protection – “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or  of the press. ..” 2. Is it content-based or content-neutral? a. If Content-based - What type of speech is it? i. Protected – STRICT SCRUTINY ii. However, there are exceptions: 1. Unprotected.   [define] a. Obsenity b. Child pornography c. Fighting Words i. Incitement of illegal activity- When does advocacy of illegality  constitute unprotected incitement and when is it safeguarded  by the First Amendment? 1. Clear and Present Danger Test 2. Reasonableness  3. Risk Formula 4. Brandenburg 2. Less-Protected – gov’t has more latitude to regulate than usual a. Some sexually-oriented speech b. Commercial speech i. Permissible regulations- gov’t can regulate:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. False/misleading speech/inherently deceptive a. Advertisement of illegal activities ii. ALL OTHER commercial speech is protected. Gov’t must satisfy Intermediate scrutiny. 1. First prong: Does it pass Commercial speech protections? a. Does the speech advertise false/deceptive advertising? b. If so, no protection at all. c. Does the speech advertise something illegal? 2. Second Prong: Then move to Prong for protected commercial speech: a. Is there a substantial government interest? b. Does the law directly advance the government interest? c. Whether the regulation is more extensive than is necessary? b. If Content-neutral – gets intermediate scrutiny i....
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Freedom of Speech Analysis - 1. False/misleading...

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