Homicide Chart - indifference to human life No analysis...

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Degree Mitigate to  Voluntary  Manslaughter Jury Can Conclude: KY: or  VM 1. P/K Death 1 st  or 2 nd     premeditation  determines  Either 1.  provocation OR 2.  imperfect defense (Jury will have  instructions) 1 st (if premediated and you weren’t  provoked,  etc.) ,  2 nd  (if not premeditated)  or  VM (if you can show you  were provoked or have  an imperfect defense) 2. P/K Serious Injury NO premeditation inquiry b/c you  didn’t intend to kill, you intended  injury.  So, this is ALWAYS  MURDER 2 Either 1.  provocation OR 2.  imperfect defense 2 nd  or VM -  No 1 st  degree b/c no  premeditate if all you  intended was to injure VM 3.  Recklessness + (Depraved Heart) Same   ALWAYS MURDER 2 - acting with EXTREME 
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Unformatted text preview: indifference to human life No analysis Here 2 nd degree murder M 4. Felony Murder Either Murder 1 or Murder 2 [just look at the statute to determine] If death results during and as a result of any felony or attempted felony committed by the defendant-Also applies to accomplices as a general matter-Most jurisdictions (excl KY have a felony murder statute) No analysis here Look to legislature and whether framed as 1 st or 2 nd degree N/A 5. Recklessness Involuntary Manslaughter In KY: IM 6. Negligence Involuntary Manslaughter N/A Misdemeanor/Manslaught er Involuntary Manslaughter N/A...
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Homicide Chart - indifference to human life No analysis...

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