Int'l Law Outline - b Custom c General Principles of Law d...

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Part I – The International Legal Process Introduction - International Criminal Court (ICC) established 17 July 1988 o Established the first permanent int’l criminal tribunal - The Former Yugoslavia (principally Bosnia-Herzegovina) - Rwanda - Darfur I. The Concept of International Law a. Definitional Considerations b. International Law in Historical and Contemporary Perspective i. Historical Perspectives ii. Contemporary Perspectives c. Is International Law Really law? II. The “Sources” of International Law a. Treaties i. Importance of Treaties ii. Definition, Nature, Significance of Treaties iii. Conclusion/Acceptance of Treaties iv. Amendment of Treaties v. Termination of Treaties vi. Interpretation of Treaties 1. Ordinary Meaning Textual Approach 2. Ordinary Meaning Contextual Approach 3. The Teleological or Ultimate Purpose Approach 4. The Policy-Oriented and Configurative Approach
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Unformatted text preview: b. Custom c. General Principles of Law d. Judicial Decisions and the Teaching of Highly Qualified Publicists i. Judicial Decisions ii. The Teachings of Publicists e. Equity f. Other Sources III. The Application of International Law a. The Application of International Law at the International Criminal Court b. The Application of International Law In General i. Application on the International Plane ii. The Application on the National Plane Part II Problems of Internatioanl Law and World Order IV. Problems of Conflict Prevention a. Problem 4-1 Intervention in Lango i. Facts ii. Purpose iii. Assignments iv. Readings 1. Recognition of States and Governments 2. Civil War 3. Unilateral Intervention 4. United Nations Interventions b. War Between Parsa and Caucasia...
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Int'l Law Outline - b Custom c General Principles of Law d...

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