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FINAL EXAM KEY Prof. Todd Wittman 1.) [8 points] Correct the error(s) in each segment of code below. You will get points off for changing code that was not in error. a.) int x; cin >> x; string words[x]; words[0] = "Gandalf Array size must be a constant. Change to vector: vector<string> words(x); b.) int y; cin >> y; if 0<y<10 cout << "y is between 0 and 10"; Incorrect if statement: if (0<y && y<10) c.) double investment = 2000.0; double return = 1.016 * investment; cout<< setprecision(2) << fixed; cout<< "The return on your investment is $" << return; Cannot use return as variable, it is a reserved word. Change return to my_return d.) char c; cin >> c; if (c=="f" && c=="F") cout << "You typed an upper or lower-case F."; Will never run because can't be both f and F. Also chars have single quotes. if (c=='f' || c=='F') 2.) [6 points] Briefly comment what each line of code below does. int a[4]={10,20,30,40}; //Create an array a with values 10,20,30,40. int* p; int* q; //Create integer pointers p and q. p = new int; //Allocate new integer memory block to p. *p = 55; //Assign value 55 to block p points to. q = a; //Set q pointing to first element of array a. *q = *p; //Assign value q points to (a[0]) same as p (55). delete p; //Free up the integer block p points to. 3.) [12 points] Write the output of each of the code segments below. a.) string s = "gandalf"; s.insert(3,"SAM"); cout << s << "\n"; s.erase(2,4); cout << s << "\n"; s = s.substr(2,4); cout << s; ganSAMdalf gadalf dalf b.) int a=4; int j=1; do { cout << j << "+"; j = j + 2; if (j>a) j--; } while (j<8); 1+3+4+5+6+7+ c.) cout << setprecision(2); for (int i=3; i>0; i--) { cout << i/3.0 << " "; } 1 0.67 0.33 d.) int a[4] = {3,4,-2,6};
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key_10AfinalF07 - PIC 10A Fall 2007 FINAL EXAM KEY Prof....

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