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PIC 10A Final Exam Answers Fall 2006 Prof. Todd Wittman 1.) [20 points] For each library listed below, give a brief description of the library and its use. Then give an example of a function in the library and what it does. The first one is done for you as an example. <cmath> Contains useful mathematical functions like exponential and trig functions. sqrt(x) -- returns the square root of a double x <iostream> Handles input / output for the console window. cout << x -- outputs the value of x to the console window <vector> Allows declaration of vector class (dynamic list) and its member functions. v.push_back(x) – adds element with value x to the end of the vector v <string> Allows use of the string class, which is used for parsing text. s.length( ) -- returns the # characters in string s <iomanip> Formats output: control spacing and number of digits reported. setw (w) -- outputs data right-justified in column of width w <fstream> Used for input / output from data files. ofstream o – creates an output file stream o for writing to a file -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.) [10 points] Briefly comment each of the following lines of code. The first line is done for you. Make sure you describe the difference between the last two lines. int x = 2; //Creates integer x and assigns it value 2. int *p; //Creates a pointer p to a integer. p = &x; //Sets p pointing to the address of variable x. *p = 4; //Changes the value that p points to equal to 4. cout << p; //Prints out the address that p points to. cout << *p; //Prints out the value in the block p points to (4). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.) [15 points] Each of the code segments below has a compile error. Correct the compile errors. You will get points off for changing code that was not an error. a.)
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10AfinalF06key - PIC 10A Final Exam Answers Fall 2006 Prof....

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