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The goal impression - Impressions towards the book In my...

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Impressions towards the book In my opinion, The Goal is about making effective and up to date decisions about production process. The author, Eliyahu Goldratt, takes his readers on a very thorough, step-by-step discovery of the many fallacies and misconceptions invading much of the way today’s measures the production process. Gradratt successfully conveys his message in novel form by relaying the struggles of a man, Alex Rogo, who is trying to figure out a way to not only save his career but also save his marriage. I found the book to be very informative. The book covers many issues such as Theory of Constraints, inventory, bottlenecks, balanced plant, the “real” goal, efficiency and capacity planning in great detail. Besides, the author does an excellent job explaining his concepts, especially how to work with constraints and bottlenecks. He makes the reader empathize with Alex Rogo and his family. The importance focusing on bottlenecks are clearly described with several examples in "The Goal". One example from the book is the one in which Alex takes his son and a group of Boy Scouts out on a hiking expedition. Here Alex faces a constraint in the form of the slowest boy, Herbie. Alex gets to apply two of the principles Jonah talked to him about,"dependent events" which are events in which the output of one event influences the input to another event and "statistical fluctuations" ,the common cause variations in output quantity or quality. He realizes that in a chain of dependent processes, statistical fluctuations can occur at any step. These result in time lags between the processes that accumulate and grow in size further down the chain. This leads to the performance of the system becoming worse than the average capacity of the constraint. Eliyahu Goldratt tactfully disseminates the common beliefs about today's production process. He illustrates the necessary changes for success. For example, when Alex and his staff realized that cutting the production lot size in half not only decreased inventory and increased throughput but also increased sales, they could promise shorter delivery times. One of the most amazing things about The Goal, was that Goldratt never communicated the product that was being manufactured. This was a brilliant way of encouraging the reader to focus on the process and the decisions being made rather than the product itself.
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In addition, the pacing of the book is especially good. As a reader I was given time to stew with the issues and come up with own ideas before sample answers are provided by Alex and his staff in the novel. Unlike many books that take complicated ideas and oversimplify them, this book simplifies ideas by making the ideas easier to see and employ. Although this book is outstanding in the context of Operation Management, it is
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The goal impression - Impressions towards the book In my...

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