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SM ass 1 vision and mission - Strategic Management GSM5160...

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Strategic Management GSM5160 Liew Kai Wen GM03833 I have chosen Malayan Flour Mills Berhad which is the pioneer in the flour milling industry in Malaysia as the company to study. The Vision and Mission statement is as below: Vision Statement: “We aspire to be a leading food manufacturing enterprise in the region” Missions Statement: 1. We are the preferred provider and strategic partner in the food industry 2. We drive operational excellence by embracing a culture of continuous improvement 3. We add value to stakeholders by growing economies of scale. An effective vision statement should envision the firm’s future and it is like 'an image of the future we seek to create'. It should provide a vivid and clear picture of optimal future for the business. Looking at MFM current vision statement, I think that it is vague, less engaging and less memorable to the management since most o the food companies likewise produce the similar vision statement such as“…to be leading enterprise in the region”. A vision statement such as "We envision to preserve our position as the market leader of Flour Mills in the region and to become the leader in the poultry and feeds businesses as well within five years.” may propose a clearer picture of what company should working towards and bridge the company’s present
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SM ass 1 vision and mission - Strategic Management GSM5160...

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