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Weekly Assignment Senior - Weekly Assignment 1 Subject...

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Weekly Assignment 1 Subject : Strategic Management Code : GSM 5160 Lecturer : Prof. Zainal Abidin Mohamed Student : Chiew Oon Leong Metric No. : GM 02644 Question Get you company’s vision and mission statements and comment on its content. Answer A Vision is a description of the business as we want it to be. In dictionary terms it is, 'a mental image produced by the imagination'. It involves seeing the optimal future for the business. A Mission is the definition of the 'special assignment' being undertaken by the business. It is likely to cover the customer groups that are being served, as well as (perhaps more importantly) the customer needs that are being met. I am working as a Training Consultant in LIVE and LEARN Training Services Sdn Bhd (LLTS) which is an educational centre who provides various types of training in occupational safety and emergency care topic. For the time being, the hottest selling training is Occupational First Aid and CPR Course, Basic Fire Fighting Course, Chemical Spill control Training and Emergency Response Team training. The Vision and Mission statement is as below: Vision Statement: “We are an educational centre established for the purpose of delivering the highest quality and the most recognized training programs to laypersons and professionals in Emergency Care and related Occupational Safety and Health fields.” Mission Statement: 1. To promote competency based training which emphasis on Skill, Knowledge and Attitude. 2. To be recognized nationally and internationally as an exceptional leader in our industry. 3. To provide unparalleled customer service and foster professionalism in training. LLTS always focuses on implementing new plan in order to meet the vision and mission statement. To provide the highest quality of training, company always encourage its trainer to enhance their competency level
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Weekly Assignment Senior - Weekly Assignment 1 Subject...

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