SM6 kevin-new - MALAYAN FLOUR MILLS Objectives Livestock...

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Relative Market Share Position Vimaflour(Vietnam)1.77, 4.8 Livestock farming (MY) 1.84, 9.0 Flour milling (MY) 0.66, 4.8 Feed milling (MY) 0.64, 5.0 4.63% (Economic growth rate year 2008) Mekong (Vietnam) 1.18,4.8 Market Growth Rate MALAYAN FLOUR MILLS LIEW KAI WEN GM03833 Objectives 1) Understand how the two dimensions for BCG strategic analysis, namely relative market share (internal strength) and industry growth rate (external factor) interrelate. 2) Use BCG model to come up with appropriate strategies for the company in order to better allocate the resources. Malayan Flour Mills Berhad operates in three core business segments: flour milling, feed milling and livestock farming business and two geographic segments: Malaysia and Vietnam. In order to come out with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix, I had selected the business portfolio based on various business and geographical segments. The Relative Market Share Position and Market Growth Rate of each segment were obtained. The relative market share position was calculated based on the market share of MFM, in relative to its main rival, Federal Flour Mills (FFM) Berhad. Star Question Marks Dog 3 1.0 0 Analysis Star Quadrant Stars are units with a high relative market share in a fast-growing industry. Stars represent the organization’s best long-run opportunities for growth and profitability. Poultry integration business of MFM berhad and the subsidiaries, Mekong Flour Mills Ltd (Vietnam)
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SM6 kevin-new - MALAYAN FLOUR MILLS Objectives Livestock...

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