Weekly Assignment 3

Weekly Assignment 3 - Weekly Assignment 3 Subject Lecturer...

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Weekly Assignment 3 Subject : Strategic Management Code : GSM 5160 Lecturer : Prof. Zainal Abidin Mohamed Student : Chiew Oon Leong Metric No. : GM 02644 Objectives A) Identify 25 internal factors that you believe will influence the success of your company. B) Pick 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses of the company from the list. C) Rationalize the priority. Top 5 Strengths: These strengths might act as core competency for LLTS Strength 1: Company always provide comprehensive training to upgrade the skill and knowledge of the trainers LLTS always believes in competency and comprehensive based training and the slogan “Knowledge, Skill and Attitude” are always in the mind of every trainers and employee of the company. As trainer is the important “product” to produce high quality training, they must always upgrade their knowledge and skill to be up to the standard. LLTS provide various training to internal trainers as well as external trainers. Training received by each instructor can be included in the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and this is a way to measure progress toward company’s goal. Training given to the internal and external trainer is mainly paramedic courses, Advanced Cardiac Life Support course, Advanced Fire Fighting and Prevention and etc. Strength 2: Close relationship with Regulatory agencies such as Department of Occupational Safety and Health LLTS was approved by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH / JKKP), Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia, as a recognized institution for providing training on first aid in the workplace. LLTS aims to obtain recognition from national organization and always build good rapport with the regulatory agencies. This would smoother the administration task with the government and keep on long term competitive advantage as LLTS is the first private company who owned the recognition from government. Somehow, company also invites DOSH officer to attend and give talk in our training. This will bring more credit to the course and maintain a long term relationship with them. Strength 3: Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy to ensure high quality of training and provide confidence to customer Company will refund the full amount of money that paid by the customer if they found that 25% of the participants are not satisfy with the training and it did not meet the objectives of the course. Company is confident about the training and this strategy is to acquire more trust and believe from the customer towards our training. This policy also ensures the quality of the training and maintains the standard of the course and instructor. Strength 4: Research and Development on new courses to suit different need and penetrate new market
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Weekly Assignment 3 - Weekly Assignment 3 Subject Lecturer...

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