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Weekly Assignment 4 - Weekly Assignment 4 Subject Lecturer...

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Weekly Assignment 4 Subject : Strategic Management Code : GSM 5160 Lecturer : Prof. Zainal Abidin Mohamed Student : Chiew Oon Leong Metric No. : GM 02644 Objectives A) From the external and internal factor that will influence my company, generate 20 strategies in the SWOT analysis. B) From 20 strategies, chose 5 strategies and explain it. Strengths – S S1: Comprehensive training for trainers S2: Good rapport with government agencies S3: Satisfaction Guaranteed policy S4: Development for new courses S5 : Possess huge customer database Weaknesses – W W1: Lack of sales experience W2: Capacity restriction in training W3: Employee need to handle various tasks and tend to out focus W4: Lack of MIS system W5: Lack of IT expertise Opportunities – O O1: Education level of public O2: Emergence of E-commerce O3: Changes in medical guidelines O4: New safety policy by government O5: Good customer services SO Strategies 1. Improve the competency level of trainers (S1, O1) 2. Ease of access to latest policy and guideline adopt it to suit market trend (S2, O4) 3. Implement Email marketing to huge customer’s database to grasp more sales (S5, O2) 4. Design new courses base on the latest medical guideline (S4, O3) 5. Satisfaction guaranteed policy create branding and lock the loyalty of customers (S3, O5) WO Strategies 1. Using internet marketing to replace conventional marketing technique in order to reduce cost (W1, O2) 2. Conduct Train the Trainers course to recruit more trainers (W2, O1) 3. Changes in policy and guideline require customer to re-train their employees (W1, O3, O4, O5) 4. Recruit multi tasking employee who is capable to withstand work pressure (W3, O1) 5. Using internet to search and consult expertise in MIS and IT (W4, W5, O2) Threats – T T1: Emergence of Long distance training program T2 : Increment on price of petrol T3: Low pricing of competitors T4: Competitor share the same customers base and resources T5: Low entry cost ST Strategies 1. Develop new courses to create new demand in the market (S4, T1) 2. Increase in price to cover cost and guarantee the highest quality of training to customer (S3, T2) 3. Obtain recognition from government agencies which create more value on the training compared to competitors (S2, T3) 4. Utilize huge customer database to grasp more sales compared to competitors (S5, T4) 5. Constantly upgrade the profile of trainers and create new courses to WT Strategies 1. Charge lower price compared to competitors during low season (W2, T3) 2. Use internet marketing to generate sales in stead of conventional face to face appointment with customer in order to reduce cost (W1, T2) 3. Engage Expertise in IT to create long distance training on certain course (W5, T1) 4. Partnership with others organization in new product and new market (W3, W4, T4)
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move one step ahead of the new competitors (S1, S4, T5) 5. Focus on one product/ training and expand it to penetrate new market (Intensive strategy) (W3, T5) 5 Strategies from SWOT analysis
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Weekly Assignment 4 - Weekly Assignment 4 Subject Lecturer...

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