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`Consumer Vignette Decision Making on Buying a New Handphone About one year ago, I am a final year student in UPM and I have been working part-time as a home-tutor and in-store sampling promoter to bear my huge daily expenses in university. As I have been working part time for about three years since my second year of studies, I know well the meaning of “hard-earned money”. Therefore, I do not simply spend my hard-earned money thoughtlessly on luxurious and unnecessary product. Various kinds of evaluation and prioritization will be going on in my mind before I buy myself something considered as luxurious product. Furthermore, I will not replace any of my belongings before it is totally wear out, because I feel that there is no point for the replacement if the thing is still in the usable condition. This behaviour of mine has placed myself in the category of fussy consumer, so-called “hard-to-please” type of consumer named by my friends. Unfortunately, on a very inauspicious day, I was chatting with friend using my handphone, Nokia 6280 when I was boarding the bus back to Johor Bahru, my hometown. Suddenly, the phone slipped out from my hand and dropped on the ground of the double-decker bus. I was shocked and picked it up immediately. I was reassured at the moment because the phone was not broken into pieces. “Nokia is really a tough brand,” I agreed with the common saying on my mind. However, things did not go on as well as expected. One day later I found that the camera of Nokia 6280 was not functioning. The problem of the camera might be caused the impact on the ground. Well, the malfunction was not a major problem for me as I seldom use the camera of the phone. To me, camera is a value-added feature of the phone, but it does not affect my main purpose of using a phone. However, few days later I found that the LCD screen is not functioning properly and the phone was self-restarting every couples of minute. The problems have left me no choice but to send the phone for diagnosis in a mobile phone shop owned by my primary schoolmate, Alex. After thorough diagnosis, my friend told me that the LCD Ribbon, the processor and the speaker of the Nokia 6280 have malfunctioned and the cost of fixing it was estimated at least RM250, and the replaced devices had not warranty. Alex advised me to buy a new phone because it would be irrational to spend RM250 to
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repair a phone, which was having second hand value of RM450 to RM500 at the moment. I knew that he was quite true. I have to make fast decision within two days if I want to buy the phone at “friendship price” from Alex since two days later I will be on the bus back to UPM. Nevertheless, I am not an irrational consumer that simply makes a hasty decision without searching for information. After went through various model from different brand, I spotted a new model, Sony
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Consumer Vignette - `Consumer Vignette Decision Making on...

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