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OBJECTIVE: 1) To learn how a drying process can extend the shelf life of a product. 2) To understand the basic application principles of machines used in food drying process. 3) To determine the effect of food drying in the aspect of food appearance, coloue and texture. 4) To develop the skill of using infrared (IR) moisture meter. INTRODUCTION: There are six principles of food processing to achieve preservation: moisture removal, heat treatment, low-temperature treatment, acidity control, traditional non- thermal processing, and innovative non-thermal processing. The goal of each is to reduce or remove conditions that allow spoilage that allow spoilage microorganisms to grow. Since microorganisms need water to survive, removal of biologically active water through drying or dehydration stop their grow. It also reduces the rate of enzyme activity and chemical reaction. Moisture removal is achieved through drying, dehydration, evaporation concentration, and intermediate moisture processing. The preservation of food by drying is probably the oldest food preservation process. The most prevalent drying methods used today are sun drying to produce dried fruits and nuts over a period of days or weeks, drum drying to dry potatoes into flakes, or to create fruit and vegetable juice and cereals, and spray drying to dry milk, eggs, syrups, and instant coffee. Freezing-drying or lyophilization, which freeze the product first and then evaporates off moisture by application of a vacuum, is a popular approach applicable to many foods. APPARATUS:
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