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Experiment 1 : Sensory Evaluation Objective: 1. To understand the analysis process of sensory of food in laboratory. 2. To understand the important characteristic in sensory testing. 3. To understand the importance of information printed on packaging. 4. to analysis the tasty of the samples. Introduction : Sensory evaluation is a scientific discipline used to evoke measure, analyze and interpret reaction to those characteristic of foods and material as they repressive by the senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and bearing. Sensory evaluation principles have their origin in physiology and psychology. Information derived from experiments with the senses has provided a greater appreciation, in turn, has had a major influence on test procedures and the measurement of human responses to products. Sensory testing is an important subjective procedure that uses to determine the changes of taste, shape, odor for the new product, under storage or due to processing. The collected data can be analyzed by statistic and also can be used as primary information or support. Apparatus : Knife, ruler Material : Apollo chocolate waffle, Torrone chocolate waffle Table 1-Information about the chocolate waffle samples Brand TORRONE APOLLO Expired Date 30/01/2007 30/06/2007 Weight 10g 12g Flavour Chocolate in cream Chocolate in cream Table2- see Microsoft excel-fst3301exp 1
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Discussion: Measuring the sensory properties and determining the importance of these properties as the basic for predicting acceptance by the consumer represent major accomplishments for sensory evaluation and for the company able to find improvements in processing technology and reduce the damage to food cause by processing. Sensory testing also provides information on acceptability and quality of food products. Before starting the experiment, we must examine the information on the outer package. There are a lot of information about the chocolate that we evaluate, such as expired date, brand, product weight and flavour. All of this information is important for the consumer to choose their desirable products. The 2 different types of chocolate that we consume are in good condition because the consuming dates are still valid. The odor or aroma of foods frequently is of considerable importance. The acceptability
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fst3301-exp1 - Experiment 1 Sensory Evaluation Objective 1...

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