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Homework 7 - Lee Hoeppner April 4, 2010 Astronomy 100...

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Lee Hoeppner April 4, 2010 Astronomy 100 Homework Homework 7…. Unit 49 RQ 2,3……. . Unit 50 RQ 1,3………….Unit 51 RQ 1,5……….Unit 52 RQ 3,4 Due Monday UNIT 49 RQ-2. The layer where the Sun’s gas changes from opaque to transparent, where photons we see come from is called the photosphere . The photosphere looks like a surface, but it is actually a region about 500 kilometers thick, with gas that grows denser below and thinner above. The Sun’s atmosphere consists of two main regions. Immediately above the photosphere lies the chromosphere , the Sun’s lower atmosphere. It is usually invisible against the glare of the photosphere, but can be seen during a total eclipse of the Sun as a thin red zone around the Sun that is about 2000 kilometers thick. In a thin transition region at the top of the chromospheres, the density drops rapidly and the temperature shoots up to about 1 million Kelvin as we enter the corona , the Sun’s outer atmosphere. RQ-3. The densities and temperatures vary throughout the Sun. The higher the temperature in the Sun the faster the gas speeds up the atoms, making them collide harder and move more often. Therefore, the strength of the pressure is proportional to the density times the temperature of the gas. If the pressure is doubled, the product of the density and temperature must also double in response. If the temperature
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Homework 7 - Lee Hoeppner April 4, 2010 Astronomy 100...

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