BIS 104 make ab spring 2010

BIS 104 make ab spring 2010 - binds to a target, it can be...

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One Way to Make a Polyclonal Antibody Purify the antigen of interest. E.g., human erbB2 (a 185 kDa transmembrane protein) Inject antigen into host animal, e.g., rabbit or mouse that will perceive erbB2 as “non-self” i.e., a foreign protein. Periodically collect whole blood samples and assay for antibody titer in serum. Purify immunoglobulin (IgG) product and test for specificity & strength of binding to erbB2 Covalently link a label to the Fc portion of the antibody so that when the antibody
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Unformatted text preview: binds to a target, it can be seen or measured. Labels: fluorochromes (fluorescein; rhodamine) Enzymes (horseradish peroxidase: HRP) Heavy metals (ferritin) Isotopes ( 125 Iodine) Using the specific antibody as a diagnostic reagent: Immuno-histochemistry: microscopic location of erbB2 in/on cells and tissues Immuno-precipitation: bind and isolate erbB2 from a mixture of other proteins Immuno-blocking: bind to erbB2 to prevent it from interacting with other molecules...
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