midterm-1-study-guide - Ecn 111A - The Economic History of...

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Unformatted text preview: Ecn 111A - The Economic History of the United States University of California - Davis April 14, 2010 Instructor: John Parman Study Guide for Midterm 1 This is a study guide for the book chapters that will be covered on the first midterm. It presents questions for each general topic to guide your studying and is organized it to correspond to the chapters in A New Economic View of American History to make it easier for you to review. It is only a rough outline, you are responsible for any material appearing in the lectures. The exam will be a mix of multiple choice questions and short answer/essay questions (which may include graphing questions). Please see the old exams posted on Smartsite to get a sense of the types of questions that will appear on the midterm. Chapter 1 - American Economic Growth - A Long Run Perspective What is the distinction between extensive growth and intensive growth? What have the roles of extensive and intensive growth been during the colo- nial period, the decades leading up to the Civil War and the decades after the Civil War? Which inputs and resources were scarce during the colonial period? Which were abundant? How does the colonial American experience fit into Malthuss model of population and income per person? Why did population growth not lead to a decline in income per capita? How did Paul David try to break down the components of growth during the early 19th century? What do his calculations suggest about the main sources of eco-century?...
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midterm-1-study-guide - Ecn 111A - The Economic History of...

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