patterns in prehistory paper #3

patterns in prehistory paper #3 - Erin Crowder Dr Triadan...

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Erin Crowder Dr. Triadan Patterns in Prehistory Section 13 2 November 2007 Complex Societies From the archaeological evidence described in the site data analyses one can infer many activities that occurs in each location. The division of labor, social structure, and production, or lack there of, can be seen through this data. From the items found at each site we can see who lived there and what occurred. Many sites had pottery, food debris, and other telling proof to help look into the people’s lives in the past. Age and gender were very important in structuring the division of labor in farming villages. At site 31 adolescent and adult males were discovered buries with slings, which we can infer were weapons used for hunting. Females were found with spinning, weaving, and sewing tools that display that women performed household labor like sewing clothes perhaps. Since only eleven adult males were buried with hammer- stones it is safe to say that only adult males crafted tools and other equipment. Many goods produced circulated beyond their original site. Site 43 had pottery that had been made at site 40 and also cloth that looked similar to cloth made at site 37. Also, site 40 had no evidence of food production or hunting, which indicates they must
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patterns in prehistory paper #3 - Erin Crowder Dr Triadan...

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