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Week 10 Chapter 8 Questions 1. Which of the following are true regarding local variables? a. They make efficient use of memory because their storage space can be released. b. They can be accessed from anywhere inside the same source code module. c. They are usually created in the data segment d. The same variable name can appear in two different procedures 2. 3. How are static variables distinguished from global variables? a. Global variables are visible from all procedures in the source code file. b. Static variables have a shorter lifetime than global variables. c. The lifetime of a static variable is the same as the lifetime of its program. d. Static variables are created on the stack, using the ESP and EBP registers. 4. 5. Which of the following shows the procedure entry code generated by MASM when the LOCAL directive is used to declare a doubleword variable? a. mov ebp,esp push ebp sub esp,4 b. push ebp mov esp,ebp add esp,4 c. push ebp
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CSCI212week10questions(chapter8) - Week 10 Chapter 8...

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