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Unit: Techniques of Integration Module: Integrals Involving Powers of Sine and Cosine Introduction to Integrals with Powers of Sine and Cosine [email protected] Copyright 2001, Thinkwell Corp. All Rights Reserved. 1467 –rev 06/13/2001 Use a double-angle identity to integrate 2 sin x or 2 cos . x Use u -substitution to integrate 3 sin cos . xx A double-angle identity is a trigonometric identity where the argument of the trigonometric function is multiplied by two. The double-angle identities for sine and cosine can be derived from two simpler trigonometric identities. If you can remember those two identities, you can recreate the double-angle identities whenever you need them. The double-angle identities are sometimes called power-reducing identities because they take the trig function down in power. To integrate 2 sin , x start by applying the double-
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