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Unit: Introduction to Calculus II Module: Introduction Welcome to Calculus II [email protected] Copyright 2001, Thinkwell Corp. All Rights Reserved. 1440 –rev 06/13/2001 In Calculus II you will learn to simplify integrals you couldn’t evaluate before. Calculus II will enable you to use calculus in different mathematical systems and move away from the xy -plane. You will also discover new applications of integration in Calculus II. In the first semester of Calculus, you studied motion and rates of change, which led to derivatives and then integrals. Calculus II will lead you to further summits for
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Unformatted text preview: exploration. There are more interesting integrals, such as those involving logarithms or trigonometry. In the end you will have a firmer grasp of the ideas involved in calculus. You will also expand the horizon to cover topics that are part of calculus, too. You will learn about polar coordinates and how to find the area of the top of a slice of pie. You will consider sequences that go off to the horizon, and you will think about adding up infinitely many things. Dr. Edward Burger, Professor of Mathematics at Williams College in Williamstown, MA will be your guide....
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