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Model 1 Decision-Making Model Analysis Paper Briget Wall MGT 350 Lori Gardner November 29, 2005
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Model 2 Decision-Making Model Analysis Paper Making a decision usually stems from identifying a situation that needs to be addressed. This was the case that was encountered recently at the Home Depot. After a recent town hall meeting it was noted that the associates and managers were unhappy with the current process in which end of the year performance reviews are written and administered. The human resources manager of that facility was solicited to look into the current process and provide arr ive to a decision for in how modifying the current process. should be modified. The decision Making model that was used is one that is commonly referred to as the rational model. The rational model is based on assumptions that prescribe how a decision should be made rather than how a decision is made. (Bazerman, 2002, p.17) Max Bazerman (2002, p.20) mentions six steps that need to be taken when applying a rational decision-making process. The first step in the rational model is to identify the problem. In this case the problem at hand consisted of Home Depot’s process of providing annual performance reviews to its associates. The process
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Decision_making_model_paper_BW - Model Decision-Making...

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