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organizational Behavior terminology paper - Organizational...

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Organizational Behavior 1 RUNNING HEAD: ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR TERMINOLOGY AND CONCEPTS Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper Christopher Wall MGT 331 Donna Perkett 1/22/2007
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Organizational Behavior 2 Many companies have many different theories of how to make use of its people as well as its resources. What changes over the years have companies made in their organization, to keep themselves competitive in their particular marketplace? And what changes still need to be made in order to keep them competitive for years to come? Who decides that these changes need to take place? Companies must understanding organizational behavior because all employees must work as part of the organization and not against it. When animosity arises between coworkers, the productivity can be affected. An environment where camaraderie exists among employees and where employees share not only a working environment but a social environment as well increases productivity. Open communication between employees allows them to know what has to be done and how they should obtain the needed result. It is difficult for Home Depot to develop ethics codes, policies and procedures to deal with every situation. As a human resource manager for Home Depot it is my job to ensure that I encourage and demonstrate by example high-levels of organizational behavior. Openness and communication about choices will often
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organizational Behavior terminology paper - Organizational...

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