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Business Research Methods 1 Running head: BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS Business Research Methods, Part I Learning Team C (Saundra Crisler, Sharon Bellinger, Christopher Wall, David Dino and Amber McFall) University of Phoenix Kent Moser QNT/HC 561 March 8, 2010
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Business Research Methods 2 Business Research Method St Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Management Question : What is the ratio of diagnoses to fatalities in relation to the amount of operating dollars spent, compared to other medical research hospitals over the last five years? St Jude’s has had many breakthroughs and has treated many children with catastrophic diseases; specifically cancer, which is their main focus. It receives most of its funding from donations through ALSAC, its fundraising organization. However, it is the only pediatric research hospital that has been awarded a National Cancer Institute cancer center federal support grant (St Jude, 2010). In light of all the positive outcomes, there are still questions regarding the dollars spent every year because none of the parents pay for the services their children receive. The hospital’s daily operating costs are nearly $1.5 million and it employs more than 3300 staff. During the past five years, 81 cents of every dollar received has supported the research and treatment at St. Jude (St. Jude, 2010). In recent months the researchers at St Jude have been asked by management to determine if the medical discoveries and breakthroughs over the years have had an impact on the number of fatalities of St Jude’s patients compared to that of other medical research hospitals. To begin the process researchers use the question hierarchy to develop the management question; which is
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week 2 paper - Business Research Methods 1 Running head:...

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