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Rebuttal 1 - Tayler Thomas English 102 Rebuttal...

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Tayler Thomas English 102 January 28, 2008 Rebuttal 1: “California Court Rules Companies Can Fire Pot Users” Opinion: It is unfortunate that the employee under question has such unbearable pain, however I feel the company he was employed with has every right to fire him for violating company policy. Even if a company complies with all other requirements to accommodate those employees with various disabilities I believe that the use of a drug, which is widely regarded as illegal, extends beyond the spectrum in question. The use of medical marijuana makes an exception of the law; companies should not be responsible for making exceptions to their own policies and ideals to accommodate a true minority. I do not believe that the use of marijuana for prescribed medical purposes should be completely prohibited. Individuals that choose to medicate with marijuana will have to make their own adjustments in order to find an employer that will accept their choice of treatment. Analysis: In the article “California Court Rules Companies Can Fire Pot Users” written by Rachel
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