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5. The proportion of the American population that has O-negative blood is p=.16. If 12 people appear at random to give blood, what is the probability that exactly 3 of them have O-negative blood (rounded to four decimal places)? (Remember to express your answer as a proportion.) 6. The proportion of the American adult population that supports President Obama is p=.55. A SRS of five adults asks if they agree with the statement “I support President Obama.” What is the probability that a majority of those surveyed would agree with that statement (rounded to four
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Unformatted text preview: decimal places)? (Remember to express your answer as a proportion.) 7. Hispanics may be of any race. If we choose a resident of the US at random, the 2000 census gives these probabilites: Hispanic Not Hispanic Asian .000 .036 Black .003 .121 White .060 .691 Other .062 .027 Let A be the event that a randomly chose American is Hispanic, and let B be the event that the person is white. What is P(A c and B) Round your answer to three decimal places if necessary. Remember to express your answer as a proportion....
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