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2. A scatterplot shows the relationship between two ___ variables. In a scatter plot, the ____ variable is always plotted on the y-axis. A) quantitative, explanatory B) quantitative, response C) categorical, explanatory D) categorical, response 3. A normal quantile plot shows a straight line that does not fall on the 45 degree line. What conclusion can we draw? A) The data are normal and definitely standard normal B) The data are normal and possibly standard normal, but possibility not standard normal C) The data are normal and definitely not standard normal D) The data are not normal 4. Suppose we must choose 4 addresses out of 100. Because 100/4=25, we can think of the list as four
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Unformatted text preview: lists of 25 addresses. Choose 1 of the first 25 at random, using atable of random digits. The sample contains this address and the addresses 25, 50, and 75 places fown the list from it. If 13 is chose, for example, then the sample consists of the addresses number 13, 38, 63, and 88. 5. The median is __ resistant measure of center than the mean. The range is a ___ resistant measure of spread than the IQR. A) more, more B) more, less C) less, more D) less, less 6. In class, we said uncontrolled experiments in medicine generally give new therapies a ____ successs rate than comparative experiments A) higher B) lower...
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