Syllabus - ECE 2110 Machines and Electronic Circuits Spring...

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Page 1 of 3 ECE 2110 – Machines and Electronic Circuits Spring 2010 CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Introduction to machines and electronics for non-electrical engineering students. Principles of operation, characteristics, ratings, and applications of transformers, alternators, motors, diodes, and transistors. ECE and CPE students may not use credit in ECE 2110 toward graduation. Prerequisites: ECE 2100. Course Materials: 1. Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering by Giorgio Rizzoni, 1 st edition, McGraw-Hill, 2009 (Required) 2. Experiments in Electrical Engineering by Ralph Tanner, 1 st edition, Western Michigan University, 2008 (Required – Available to ECE 2110 students for free on the ECE 2110 web site) 3. Online homework registration : Go to & press the Student button. On the following screen, enter D3E-F6-BB4 in the Section Enrollment Code box, which will bring up the ARIS HW registration process for the Fundamentals of Electric Circuits 4th ed. textbook from ECE 2100. You will then be asked to enter your email address, a password and a security question. ARIS for this textbook should be free this semester. 4. TI-89 calculator (or equivalent) 5. Digital multimeter (The IEEE student branch sells a digital multimeter at cost. This multimeter is recommended – but any digital multimeter will do.) 6. Permanently bound quadrille, 8-1/2 x 11 laboratory notebook 7. Safety glasses or goggles INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Ralph Tanner Office: B233 West Wing – Parkview Campus Phone: 276-3162 Email: [email protected] Subject: ECE 2110 Open Office Hours: MF 1:30 – 2:20; T 9:30 – 10:30 Other Office Hours: By appointment. You never need an appointment during open office hours. Just stop by. No notice required. I am willing and available to schedule other times with students. However, because others may have already scheduled appointments, this sometimes means a delay between when you may request an appointment and the time I am able to meet with you. Please consider this and try to
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Syllabus - ECE 2110 Machines and Electronic Circuits Spring...

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