Errata - Errata File for Fundamentals of Electrical...

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Unformatted text preview: Errata File for Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering by Giorgio Rizzoni compiled by Dr. Ralph Tanner Western Michigan University There are a dozen pages of errata contained here. At first blush, this might be considered excessive. However, the errors are generally minor and are of the type that the knowledgeable reader would tend to self-correct when reading the material. But, since this is a text intended for the student, these errors can cause self-doubt and can get in the way of learning the material. The student may tend to believe that the error is in their understanding rather than in the printing of the book. For this reason, this errata file has been very picky. I would recommend that the student adopt one of two strategies with this errata file: 1) Go through the entire errata file and mark the changes in the book. 2) Go through the entire errata file and put a prominent red dot on each page where an erratum occurs. I believe the first strategy is the best. This allows the student to have the correct information at the point when it is needed. However, the second strategy will alert the student to a possible point of confusion. If a topic on the page in question causes confusion, the student can make the change at that time. If the topic causing confusion was in error, the student will have the corrected material. If the topic causing confusion was not the one in error, the student will know to keep working to understand the area of confusion. What I do NOT recommend is the filing of the errata then going to it only when confusion arises. In my classes, I teach the analysis of circuits. I also teach the engineering methods used to reduce the chance of errors. Engineering is a field where errors may cause the loss of life. (Another is medicine.) Because of this grave responsibility, we need to learn how to minimize errors. One of the methods used to minimize errors is multiple cumulative review. This errata file represents the start of this process. I am certain that I have not found all of the errors in this text. Any student who sends me a reference to an undocumented error in this text will receive extra-credit points. p. 29: The last sentence of the first paragraph should read: An example of this dual behavior is exhibited by the photodiode which can act either in a passive mode (as a light sensor) or in an active mode (as a solar cell). The reference to chapter 9 is a remnant of Dr. Rizzonis previous book. This book does not cover photodiodes. p. 44: CHECK YOUR UNDERSTANDING: The first sentence should read: Compute the full-scale (i.e., largest) output voltage for the force-measuring apparatus of Example 2.16. p.77: Figure 3.18: v 1 in the figure for analysis for mesh 2 does not enter into the analysis for mesh 2 so it should not be on that figure....
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Errata - Errata File for Fundamentals of Electrical...

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