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ARTHISTORY - Slide List Monday Giotto Lamentation Padua...

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Slide List, Monday, February 25, 2008 Giotto, Lamentation, Padua, Italy, ca. 1305- compared with Lorenzetti. Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Peaceful City , detail from Effects of Good Government in the City and in the Country , Sienna, Italy, 1338-1339. After there was a decline in this kind of art. These two painters indicate the Renaissance. Late Gothic or early Renaissance? Renaissance means rebirth. It also suggests things about science and philosophy, Greek Philosophers especially. Florence is the first place that the Renaissance began. In the 14 th century, a rich city was Florence. .. they had a lot of pride in their city, textile production, metal making, and people who were interested art and those who made them. **Filippo Brunelleschi, Sacrifice of Issac . 1401-02. Idea of a bronze door that was the pride of the city and contests would go on to see who could make the best plaque. Florence’s sacrifice to their pride and love for their city. Dramatic. You can’t see the kind of movement going on. The proportions of the body are much less believable. Sturdy and violent, lunging quality. No naturalism in this relief sculpture. **Lorenzo Ghiberti, Sacrifice of Issac . 1401-02. Compared with Brunelleschi. Composition is complex and Brunellischi’s isn’t. A lot of force going into the spear into person. The classic S pose is in this Classic form of representation and more naturalistic. Impressive composition throughout the whole door. He won the competition because he had more qualities and values of life at this period of time. Ghiberti was a trained goldsmith and painter and you had to go through the guild to be a licensed goldsmith. He works with cast medal and knows how to render the proportions of the body, etc. Ghiberti, “Gates of Paradise”. East doors, baptistery of San Giovanni, Florence, Italy, 1425-52 . He spent more than 20 years (his whole career) designing and making these doors. He did it entirely on his own, not following anyone else’s orders. Old Testament stories. Is an artist like God? These doors are our start of the history of Renaissance Art. This is the basis of our naturalism and shifting point. After this point, painters are deliberately not to be naturalistic or naturalism is a must in what
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Humanism- recognizes an individual person and how they think about the world. It has the ability for a person to do things as opposed to divine intervention. A person is able to think about the world on their old. Massive economic growth and revival in economic and stability throughout Europe after the plague. Florence is thriving center for the economy. Individuals were making decisions and investing their wealth into new businesses and growing their business, was the start of capitalism. Artists who could paint naturalistically were more desired by the economy. Baptistery of San Giovanni, Florence, Italy 11
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ARTHISTORY - Slide List Monday Giotto Lamentation Padua...

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