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Christopher Neff ENSC 481 Homework Chapter 15; Problem 5: How should you go about preparing yourself for an international project? Preparation should be done with an adequate amount of cross-cultural TRAINING, prior to taking on the assignment. The amount of training usually depends on: (1) the length of stay in the foreign culture; (2) how “foreign” the culture is. More advice:: "Information-giving Approach" (stay less than 1 month): - Area briefings - Cultural briefings - Watching foreign movies/books - Use of interpreters - “Survival-level” language training “Affective Approach” (stay is 1-4 weeks): - Culture assimilator training - Role Playing - Cases - Culture shock reduction training - Moderate language training "Experiential Approach" (stay is 1-3 years): - Assessment center - Field experience - Simulations - Extensive language training The training topics should include: language, religion, dress codes, education systems, holidays (national/
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Unformatted text preview: religious), food and eating schedules, family life, business protocols, social etiquette and equal opportunity. The training format may vary from videos, books and seminars to actual field pre-experience in the foreign land. In addition, I think it is very important to associate with people from that country (if no actual field experience is possible). If there are no representatives from that culture/country at the organization where one works, it is possible to go the local university and seek out members from that culture. There are usually international organizations or coffee houses on campus that international students participate in. This type of interaction, I feel, gives a perspective second only to actually visiting the country. Chapter 16; Problem 6: Experts predict that most people will undergo at least three major career changes in their working life. If so, then why is project management an important skill set to master?...
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