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ENSC 481 Christopher Neff Chapter 14 Homework Review Questions: 1. How does the project audit differ from the performance measurement control system discussed in Chapter 13? The project audit is a overall view of project performance as a part of the total organization. Although the audit is concerned about current or past performance of the project, project audits are also concerned with assessing organizational culture and support of projects, the project’s fit within the total portfolio of projects, project priorities, team performance, and lessons learned. The audit is intended to include all factors relevant to the project and managing future projects.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Why is it difficult to perform a truly independent, objective audit? In most cases those performing the audit have some previous knowledge of the project, which presents opportunities for bias. Sometimes the audit team is perceived as a jury, but even jury members come with built-in biases. For example, internal politics have been known to enter into decisions concerning closure of a project. The simple point is that every attempt should be made to keep the audit independent and objective. If the audit of projects is a regular procedure for all projects, the negative stigma of audits is minimized....
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