PSYC 172 - LEC 6 - TUES

PSYC 172 - LEC 6 - TUES - L ECTURE 6 8/25/09 TUES - Sexual...

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LECTURE 6 – 8/25/09 – TUES - Sexual behavior variations o Fetishism o BDSM (bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism) o Poly-amory: form of sexuality that is more open, “many loves” – open relationship concept, not necessarily having 3-somes or orgies, but have more of open sexuality, not really a risky one… - Fetishism o Sexual arousal by an inanimate article or by a specific part of the body o #1 fetish – shoes - Hanky Code o An indication of what you’re interested in Color of hanky; what pocket it’s in Right: passive (bottom) Left: aggressive (top) Red left: fister, put whole hand in BUTT Red right: fistee (like to get FISTED) o Started by gay community - BDSM o Sadist- top- dominant o Masochist- bottom- submissive o Consensual Power differentials One has to be in control o Scenes, role-playing o Rules Safe words “passwords” to stop activity o Trust, intimacy, excitement - Sex Sells - The business of sex o Selling sex Prostitution Pornography o Using sex to sell - Prostitution o The exchange of sexual services for money (sex worker) or other resources (sex trader) o Illegal in US (except some counties in Nevada) - Motives for using a prostitute o Losing virginity o Pleasure o Variety or novelty o Seeking acts a regular partner won’t perform o Loneliness o Avoiding the risk of rejection o Feelings of anxiety or shame about sex o Avoiding emotional involvement and/or commitment o Confused/curious about homosexuality
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o Desire to degrade and humiliate women - Pornography o Writing, pictures, etc. intended to arouse sexual desire o What is pornographic? o Sexually explicit material Erotica – “artistic value”; something that someone thinks is artistic, non-sexist Hard-core - hustler Soft-core - Controversy o Decent vs. indecent o Art vs. pornography o Legal vs. illegal o
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PSYC 172 - LEC 6 - TUES - L ECTURE 6 8/25/09 TUES - Sexual...

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