PSYC 172 - LEC 1 - TUES

PSYC 172 - LEC 1 - TUES - PSYC172 LECTURE1TUES8/4/09...

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PSYC 172 –  LECTURE 1 – TUES 8/4/09 - EXAM – MC, T/F Q’S ONLY - BOOK NEEDED AS SUPPLEMENT, NO TEST Q’S FROM IT SEX AND PSYCHOLOGY - Study of human/animal mental functions and behaviors - Mental functions and sex? - Behavior and sex? o Attractions, mental functions on how we see things on gender, religion (towards sexuality) o Consciousness/responsibility/decision making “SEX” IN THE NEWS - 82,678 results for August 3, 2009 in Google News THE PURPOSE OF SEX IS……. - Childbirth - Pleasure - Bonding DIVERSITY SHOULD BE CELEBRATED AND BE A LEARNING EXPERIENCE THE BEAUTY OF SEX ORGANS - Pictures… genitalia are our friends and in nature. . nice Human Sexual Anatomy and Physiology - Ovaries (2) – where eggs are, born with ova but mature on monthly basis - To fallopian tubes – where conception occurs (sperm meets egg) - To uterus   thick muscle, menstrual cramps o Endometrium: inner lining o Cervix: opening of uterus to vagina; only opened so period blood can come through.  Gets up to 10cm  when giving birth - Clitoris – for sexual arousal is forward the urethra then the vagina - Mons veneris – fat that covers the pelvis - Introitus – vaginal opening
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- Urethra opening on top - Then clitoris… clitoral hood depends on how much it’s covering the clit, type of protection - Labia, minora (inner) and majora (outer) - Erectile tissue… o HW: go home… women to pull down gently on inner labia. EVEN OR HANG LOWER?? BREASTS - Secondary sexual characteristic. Not necessary for reproduction but regulated by sex hormones just as body hair distribution, muscle mass, etc - Mammary Glands: 15-20, independent of size of breasts. Size of boobs = fat and other tissues (fibrous) o Each of glands has own hole and it drains through - Areola – around nipple, has sweat glands, temperature sensitive, some type of temperature regulation MALE SEXUAL ANATOMY/PHYSIOLOGY - Testis internal organ, even if outside of body o Seminiferous tubules (sperm production) epididymis (develop hormones (androgens: testosterone; sperm matures and is stored) vas deferens (what’s going to take sperm up into the body capillaries) o Seminal vesicles (from vas deferens) 70% of seminal fluid, has fructose (sugar) allow sperm to wiggle, be active o Then go into the area of the prostate: what regulates what gets out of penis, whether semen or pee allowed to pass o
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PSYC 172 - LEC 1 - TUES - PSYC172 LECTURE1TUES8/4/09...

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