Outline - Outline: The beauty myth: Culture Women are more...

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Outline: The beauty myth: Culture Women are more affected by the ideal imae of women, than men are to the idea image of man. Why are women more effected by the concept of beauty than men are . Heroines Thr eason women are obesses ith the ideal imagery because it was meant to mean more to women than to men, this because women are beauties in a men’s cutlture and this system to to keep the cuture male. - this is seen when culture see women sho character to be undesirable. The beautiful heroine is a contradiction Heroine Is about the individuality, interesting and ever changing while beauty is genetic and boring. Beautity is amorl. – there is not control over if some will be born beautiful but women learn that moral lesson of culture exclude them. Almot blaiming women ur no beautiful beause ur no trying. Cutlureal stereotypes id women t fit the myth of by flattening the feminine into beauty without intelllegence ot intelligence without beauty. - this is seen in literature – such as Glinda and the Wicked witch of the west, Helena and hermina in night summers dream. Women literature try to conunter this by writing literature, that it was a women who haas spirit who got the guy not the pretty one. Such as Jane Erye In literature in masculine culture. Male leading characters are the leads because of exception subjects or great men with intelligence and character . But when I female is the leading chracter is is simply wbecase she is beautiful, and everthing that is good andbad hpppends to this character because of beauty. Ex: Tess of the D’Urbervilles Womesn Magazines Female magaginze bring both pleasre ad abuse to the readers but also accompanied womens advances and the simultanues evolution og the beauty myth. The growth of this maginazines can be said to be due to large investment to it and the groeth of literacy among women, purchased from lower middle class women.
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Outline - Outline: The beauty myth: Culture Women are more...

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