maintenance & reliability - Maintenance and...

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Maintenance and Reliability Maintenance and reliability of the self-Service Coin Machine is very critical for Canadian Coin Service. CCS takes this issue very seriously and it has developed a method to ensure that the drivers of CCS will perform a basic maintenance each time they go to the stores to pick up the coin. The drivers will go to the 50 stores on average 3.5 times per month for the next 6 months (April-September) to pick up the coins (Appendix FORECASTING). Reliability Self-Service Coin Machine that CCS is using is manufactured by Talaris Company. The products of this company are very reliable. Talaris delivers cash handling solutions on every continent, wherever money moves. This company is a global business of over 2,100 personnel, operating from more than 20 countries including over 1,000 service and support staff and 130 business partners. With an excess of 250 patents granted across 26 countries, Talaris continues to innovate and deliver solutions. (Company Overview) Improving Individual Components: Although CCS is buying reliable Self-Service Coin Machine from Talaris, CCS is still having machine breakdowns for various reasons. Hence, CCS wants to know their occurrences so that they can develop a method to prevent these breakdowns. CCS is using the basic unit of measure for reliability which is product failure rate (FR). First, we will measure the percent of failure among the total number of machines in operations. Then, we will measure number of failure during a period of time. In this case, we
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maintenance & reliability - Maintenance and...

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