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Jagdeep K Randhawa 100167636 Affirmative Action and the Demand of Justice (N. Scott Arnold) The essay, “Affirmative Action and the Demand of Justice,” by N. Scott Arnold is about the affirmative action programs. The main argument advanced in this essay concludes that these programs are under attack both legally and politically. The author’s main concern is not with what the law says but with what it should say; he says that most controversial affirmative programs are unfair. Affirmative action is an effort to provide full and equal opportunities in employment, education, and other areas for women, minorities, and individuals belonging to other groups. As an issue of today's society, affirmative action programs are required by the corporations, universities and other organizations to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly. These programs are classified in two broad categories – Outreach Efforts and Preferential Treatment Programs. The outreach efforts involve in searching for the best talent. The “best” is defined by reference to the institution’s goals and objectives. These goals and objectives are set by the organization according to the requirements of its business. The purpose of such programs is to reassure women and minorities without discriminating on the basis of race, gender or ethnicity and concerned to recruit the best talent or award the contract to the most deserving firm. The preferential treatment program is the second category which involves taking race, gender, or ethnicity into account as a positive factor in the awarding of contracts, in hiring, or in admission.
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The preferential treatment programs are sub divided into two other categories, minority set- asides and preferential hiring. Under Minority set-aside programs, the government agencies who do business with the government to set-aside some amount of money for the minority-owned (or women-owned) businesses. These requirements may be inflexible. If these government agencies have this program, the government provides them with some incentives. However, race is taken into account as a positive factor in hiring decisions under preferential hiring both in the public and private sector. In the preferential hiring programs, members of minorities would not be hired if race were a minor factor in the decision. They are doing these hiring with the mind set to meet the minority hires which may be their goals or their quotas- they set their quotas to find the best qualified minority
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Affimative_Action_Final[1] - Jagdeep K Randhawa 100167636...

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