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Final exam questionsW2010 - Final Exam Questions, Winter...

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Final Exam Questions, Winter 2010 1. The lives of Duneier’s sidewalk vendors exhibit a rich tapestry of social dynamics, as the vendors negotiate interactions between themselves, the local residents, and the authorities of New York City. In what ways do these interactions illustrate the concepts of attribution, such as disposition and situational attribution, or fundamental attribution error? 2. Social networking mediums such as Facebook, MySpace, and Linked-In are tools for showing an image of self to the world. What are the three types of self-schema as mentioned in lecture, and how do they play out on social networking sites? How do people actively (or passively) manage their identities and self-presentation through these sites? 3. The recent events involving a fraternity party at UC San Diego and the hate crimes on our own campus have elicited strong emotions and outrage. As a sociologist in training, how would you explain these events using concepts discussed in class? Such concepts could include (but are not limited to) social identity theory, in-group favoritism and out-group animosity, and conscious/subconscious racism. 4. In Nudge , we see that individuals make decisions for a variety of reasons, and that sometimes choice architecture can help improve the choices made. The following are nudges discussed in the book. Choose one nudge, and explain how it operates using two or more of the following concepts from the book and lectures. Begin by briefly describing the particular problem your nudge is meant to address, then define the concepts and explain how they work. Nudges : reforming Medicare; increasing employee 401(k) donations; decreasing highway littering in Texas; improving loan markets. Concepts
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Final exam questionsW2010 - Final Exam Questions, Winter...

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