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Benjamin Horstman EECS 343 HW 8 2007-04-04 1) S --> AA | a A --> AA | a 2) L ={ 0 k 1 j 2 k 3 j s.t. j 1 ;k 1 } ∃ Z L z ∣≥ j ≥ z = 0 1 j 2 3 j = uvwxy vx ∣≠ 0 vwx ∣≤ i = 2 uv 2 wx 2 y Case 1: vwx consists of only one number (0-3). This will obviously not work because it will produce more of only that number and not its friend to which it should also be equal Case 2: vwx spans two numbers. but, since vwx ∣≤ , v and x cannot contain both 0 & 2 or 1 & 3.
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Unformatted text preview: Thus, we still cannot pump. 3-ME91) A A S B , S B 4-ME92) For every entry, list the number of different NT you can make (or the same NT over again if you can make it multiple ways). The number of parse trees is the number of S in the bottom left. S B S T S B S,S T S T S B S,S,S,S,S T,T S,S T S T S...
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